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Play Atlantic City Mobile Blackjack

Enter a world of pure sophistication and elegance with Atlantic City Mobile Blackjack, the ultimate in online casino table gaming enjoyment. This technologically advanced classic Blackjack game is one of the first in Microgaming’s™ ‘Gold Series’ online table games installment, bringing back the Gold Standard in virtual Blackjack gaming cultivation and elegance, boasting an advanced level of precision in graphic details, such as in the improved perspective of the classic “land-based”-style table imagery in the foreground, which is reminiscent of those to be found in the casinos Atlantic City has to offer.


Atlantic City Mobile Blackjack Features

Furthermore, the dynamically animated chip selector and enlarged chip tray add to the sense of movement and image definition, lending an overall graphic realism to the game. The tastefully selected background soundtrack completes the overall virtual-reality experience.  This game is played with 8 standard 52-card decks, which are shuffled preceding the commencement of each game.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand with a higher card value up to but not exceeding 21, or by the dealer’s hand going bust. The strongest hand in the game is, of course, the Blackjack hand, which consists of an Ace card which has the value of 11, plus a 10 card or a Face card (i.e., King, Queen or Jack, which are considered as having a value of 10). This is considered the strongest hand, and thus automatically stands.

The Blackjack hand cannot be beaten, but only matched.  As the player you may only bet one hand at a time, making this a strictly Single-Hand game, and you are free to double-down and split any hand you are dealt. Furthermore, you have the option of making an Insurance Side Bet, just in case the dealer’s Hole card is an Ace, for which you will be paid out 2-1 on your wager.

This Mobile Blackjack virtual experience is also packed with various software-powered player assists, which aid you with maximizing your game and winning potential –something you won’t even find in Atlantic City! Become immersed within a superb virtual online gambling experience in true Atlantic City style, where the setting rivals even the most cosmopolitan land-based establishments, and the savoir-faire is brought straight to your mobile screen – Atlantic City Mobile Blackjack!