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Game of Thrones Mobile Slot Review

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There was a lot of excitement on the part of gamblers when news that Microgaming would be adding a new branded online slot game to its already impressive catalogue – Game of Thrones Mobile Slot. The real money online slots game was officially launched in December of 2014 and the players’ reaction ever since has been mixed, whilst the game has become a online casino favourite for some, other players were anticipating much more and are convinced that the hype around the game was largely unwarranted.


About Game of Thrones Mobile Slot

Game of Thrones Mobile Slot is a 5-reel non-progressive casino slot which offers player 243 ways to win. The game offers an abundance of wild and scatters symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds and although it may not offer millions dollar jackpots but the potential wins for casino players are still significant. This mobile casino game is based on the popular television series which is set on a number of different plots all of which can be summed up by one the word and phrase (respectively): War & and battles for dominion. The series is the brain child of David Benioff and enjoys a wide viewership all over the world. A mini-film which looks like a scene from the actual TV series is triggered during bonus rounds which players whose interest in the game was sparked by their love of the TV series are likely to appreciate. On most casinos, the Game of Thrones Mobile Slot video slot game is available on both web as well as mobile platforms.

Bonuses on Game of Thrones Mobile Slot

Gamblers who are familiar with the series will be quick to recognize places (or ‘houses’) and the familiar faces of their favourite characters in the bonus rounds of Game of Thrones. Below is an elaboration on what each house offers in the bonus round;

  • The Baratheon House: 8 Free Spins + a 5x Multiplier.
  • The Lannister House: 10 Free Spins + 5x Multiplier.
  • The Stark House: 14 Free Spins + 3x Multiplier.


Game of Thrones Mobile Slot: Author’s Conclusions

The Game of Thrones  Mobile Slot Online slots is ultimately a continuation in Microgaming’s already well-established pattern of excellence as an online gaming software provider; it offers fair odds of winning, has a great sound track and graphics and the Micrograming™ team did a justice to the game’s overall theme. The game will be appreciated by new players looking for a fresh alternative to their favourite slot games as well as loyal followers of Game of Thrones  Mobile Slot who are looking for other ways to interact with the already well established brand.

100% Welcome Bonus & 50 Free SpinsUp to $500 Welcome Bonus & 50 free Spins
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